About Us About us and about our Betportal prediction! Our sports team searches daily for the latest betportal prediction and betting prediction. These predictions should help you in the various sports. These sports include soccer, handball, tennis, basketball, baseball, formula 1, golf, motossport and many other sports.  The task of the predictions in the individual sports is that you have greater chances to place successful betting tips and that you emerge as the winner of the game.

Current scores

In addition, our team strives to present you the current scores. These results are analyzed and can be included in your betting tips with the Betportal predictions and have a positive effect on them.

Betportal football predictions and tips

You can find this information in our current and different articles about betportal football prediction, betportal soccer prediction, betportal prediction today, betportal tips and bet portal prediction in general. Every week new topics are added. In addition, we will publish daily results in major sports.

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An important part of our Betportal will be current and important sports news. This information includes the latest news in the individual sports about tables, results, schedules and game plans,  also liveticker and and informations about the latest soccer transfers are published on betportal. We wish you a lot of fun and success on our website. If you have questions, then you can reach us via our email. Every day we try to answer your questions promptly

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