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Betportal Prediction Tips are important, because sports predictions are more about statistics than passion. Numbers don’t lie, neither do facts. If you want to get your predictions right (or at least sharpen your intuition), you can’t trust your good luck. However, there are many things you can do to turn the odds in your favor.

It’s impossible to know who will win the next game. Unfortunately, Betportal is not a portal of time, we can’t tell you what the future will be like. However, with our tips to improve your predictions, you will know how to study the past and the present to analyze the possibilities.

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Play with the brain, not the heart

Just as soccer, basketball or hockey players must train their bodies to play better, you, as a gambler, must train your eyes and brain. The first tip for accurate predictions is to distrust emotions. Sometimes we make huge bets on our favorite teams just because we “believe” they are going to win.

Don’t just watch the games, know the sport as yourself (or better)

If you want to make accurate predictions, you need to be aware of team moves, know players’ strengths and weaknesses, what goes on beyond stadiums, how teams play. Only by becoming an expert in the sport will you be aware of how the market works and which are the most viable options.

Do your math

Bet thinking about the most probable possibility. For that you must look for reliable information: check the date, time and place of the games, see who will play and how predictable are their movements on the court. In Betportal you can find all these parameters in an orderly and synthesized way. Our star tip is to soak up the stats as much as you can. Predictions are based entirely on numbers.

Have a strategy

Don’t make predictions just because it happened last season. In each game, there are variables that determine one possibility or the other, such as player efficiency or weather factors. Also, don’t think that because a player is the promise of the season, it means that he has a guaranteed victory. Sometimes we are fooled by bookmarkers and expert comments because we have faith that things will turn out as expected.

If anything sports have taught us is that anything can happen.

A plan limits the enemy’s threats

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said that a plan limits the enemy’s threats and doubles the chances of winning. While it is true that sports games are not war, this Chinese general had a point: victory is only possible if you have a good strategy. Learn to choose your battles, I mean, your games.

Think of the bookie

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Betportal is your trusted website with practical tips for predictions and sports betting information. Want more? Keep reading our informative articles or share your experiences with other bettors around the world.

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