Odds Comparison

If winning money with bets was easy, there wouldn’t be so many bookmakers and odds comparison around. Whether you are a professional gambler or someone who is just getting started on this, it is very important that you pay attention to the odds comparison if you want to gain profits betting on sportsbooks.

What are the odds? (no pun intented)

Bwin, Betfair, Intertops, and 10bet are just a few of the several sports bookmakers around the world. These companies offer their odds according to the probability of each result. The more likely a result is, the more their odds are reduced and consequently the less profit you will earn. On the contrary, the more unlikely a result is, the higher the odds and your profit will be. Here’s a simple example: in a match between Novak Djokovic (world number 1 tennis player) and number 740 tennis player, Djokovic’s chances of winning are very high, so betting on his victory does not have much value.

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Odds simply reflect the superiority, equality or inferiority of one team compared to another. They change constantly as the game approaches because there are many factors such as the performance of the players, changes in team strategies, among others, that determine the probability of victory or draw.

Why is it so important to see the odds in every bookmaker?

All betting sites have different odds depending on the supply and demand. Also, odds may vary according to sport and competition. For example, UEFA Champion League games are valued differently than Premier League games precisely because both have a different market between players and teams, but also a mixed audience.

But how can I use odds for sports betting? While bookmakers use stats to define the odds per game, bettors make the difference in rating. If a betting center notices that many gamblers go to Madrid in a match against Barcelona, they agree to keep the odds low so that they don’t lose profits. That is to say, the bets are always a contra for the house, which is not easy at all. But it is also true that prices are formed in a certain way by the opinion of the mass, that is, the demand. So, if the gamblers are smarter than the bookmakers, it is possible to reduce the disadvantage and earn money.

Odds comparison advantages

Comparing odds will ensure a “safe” bet by keeping up with the demand per game. That will allow you to know when is the perfect time to bet and where to do it. Also, it will help you to find the welcome bonuses that best suit you.

Imagine there’s a tennis match and the fees are upside down on two sportsbooks. If you bet one player on one bookie and its opponent on the other, no matter how the match ends because you always win. You don’t have to waste all day jumping from bookie to bookie. There are software and websites that update the odds and compare them for you. The key is to get the most appropriate one and marry it.

Odds comparison can be the definitive factor to win or lose in a gamble. Don’t forget to do it next time your favorite team plays and you want to spend on it!


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